I called Monsieur Ventilation on the recommendation of my doctor to have my air ducts cleaned. I never realized that a simple cleaning could make such a difference. I have been a long time allergy sufferer and thought that discomfort and difficulty breathing was something I was going to have to live with. This simple, inexpensive service has changed my life!

Jason B.

I couldn’t believe the difference in air quality after we had done just a small renovation in our kitchen. All sorts of dust and dirt ended up inside our air ducts and we had no idea. I called Monsieur Ventilation for service and we literally can breathe the difference! And the icing on the cake… my husband doesn’t snore anymore!

Bella R.

I thought I needed to replace my dryer, but all I needed was to have the vent cleaned. I was amazed at the build up inside the vent. I suspect it had never been cleaned before. A simple cleaning made a word of difference. My clothes dry in much less time. I used to have to run the dryer cycle twice just to get my clothes dry.

Shauna L.