It’s tough enough to keep your home neat and tidy. If you can’t see or access your ductwork, how can you keep the network of ducts clean, too? Though replacing your air filters regularly is an easy DIY job, cleaning and sanitizing the ductwork is a job for the pros. Our Air Hygiene Technicians will apply EnviroCON using a fobber which is a mild bacteriostat and fungistat that we use to remove odors associated with mold, mildew or bacteria.

At Monsieur Ventilation, we do much more than cover up the unpleasant smells in your ductwork. Instead, we strive to improve the indoor air quality in your home by completely eliminating odors.

  • Reduces Mold Smells
  • Eliminates Bacterial Odors
  • Removes Household Scents

From pets and painting projects to cooking experiments, there’s an abundance of household scents that linger for longer than they should. Air duct sanitation is designed to eliminate these unpleasant smells once and for all, along with chemical fumes, tobacco smoke, cleaning product scents and other lingering household odors.


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